Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Barnyard Boss

Entry Log 20

A few weeks ago I found myself on a plane heading back to The Bed and Breakfast of Pug Plantation.

Upon my immediate arrival...

 I noticed new activity in the barn.

No jet lag keeps me from looking my finest!

New activity that required me to go into immediate Boss mode!

I first noticed a pair of these... one pink and one black

Pigs! Like pugs, only one vowel difference and... a bit bigger.

I am definitely more handsome than this creature!

There are quite a few of these big tall creatures called "Horses" and they were no match for me!

He may be bigger than me but, I am still The Boss!

and yep, I am way more handsome than him too!

These creatures needed to know that I was in town and I was in charge.

Take a peek at this short video.

Look at the skill at which I demonstrated  I was in charge.

Next I take a look at how effective my bossing skills were with the horses. They knew not to mess with me!

I spent 2 weeks down at the Pug Plantation farm, aside from being on high alert and in charge most of the time...

I did enjoy my vacation time away.

The backdrop of this porch makes me look superior and in charge.

Even when on vacation, someone has to keep things in line and under control.

That is why on my last day there I declared...

Oh yah... smell that? The Boss was here!

I arrived, I Bossed, My work here is done!
See yah in 6 months!

You can now refer to me as...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of the Barnyard

Monday, 6 October 2014

Official "The Boss" Logo

Entry Log 19

As I lounge here today, I ponder my new official logo.

even by backside is handsome!

Here is a photo of a few of my accessories.
Each piece contains my official logo.

How did I come to have such a cool logo, you may ask.

Well, not long ago Mum decided I needed a special identity tag to wear on my harness.

She came home with this super looking tag!

Wouldn't you agree... my name is even handsome sounding!

Now I realize it is missing a key word here on my tag...  It's missing the words "The Boss"!

That's ok though, because when you flip it over...
this is what it looks like and this is the official "The Boss" logo!
No words required.

yup, the icon says it all! I AM THE BOSS!

My official logo is so popular simply because I am popular.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this!

It even lists "danger" underneath my logo!

"Danger" is my middle name!

Look at this logo on this container! Not only does it say "The Boss" but that I am smoking hot!

Look at that fire icon!

That means I am also... a little Spitfire!

"Spitfire" another name for The Boss

I stand tall when I wear my new identity tag in public.

my word does this photo sure show off my handsomeness!

I have to show the world that,
I am...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of his very own official logo!

Monday, 18 August 2014

Security = The Boss

Entry Log 19

I may look like I am sleeping here but don't be fooled.

One eye is open, you just can't tell. I am a master this way!

I always sleep with one eye almost open and on alert...
It is part of my Bossing skills.
I do this in order to ensure the area is always secure.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to secure is described as follows:

a: something that secures : protection

b (1) : measures taken to guard against espionage or sabotage, crime, attack, or escape (2) : an organization or department whose task is security

It appears I fall into their definition quite nicely.

Because of my fantastic security skill...
I was recently the recipient of this fabulous uniform.

This new uniform really brings out my handsomeness!

Even when securing the area from the comfort of a pink blanket...
I maintain my stature.

Still looking handsome!

I honestly feel that this uniform is an asset to my bossing ability, take a look

Here I am securing the backyard, at home, without my uniform..

Now here I am performing the same task BUT in my new uniform...

Would you not agree that the 2nd video displays much more advanced "security skills", because of my new uniform, than the first video?

I am extremely grateful for receiving this new uniform from one of my loyal fans!

I am also still extremely handsome!

This is...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss, Reporting for Security Duty.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Boss of the Boulevard

Entry Log 18

The Boss returns.
Chronicles from my Tennessee vacation
Part 3

As I Bossed my way around Tennessee, I managed to find myself back in my original hood.

One afternoon we headed out to Memphis, where...
I finally returned to the scene of the crime.

I can't believe how famous I have become!

It is a very busy Boulevard with many lanes and many fast moving cars.

Yes, I recall that day very well...

I think I look extra handsome on this Boulevard...
after all it is named after me!

 The day I was found bossing cars on this Boulevard.

It's truly amazing how many signs have been printed
with my name on them!

Of course I had to show Mum where I came from originally.
I wanted her to see and be very impressed by the number of cars I was able to tackle and boss around.

Mum actually cried a bit. She told me later, that it's a good thing I wasn't hit and killed. That I will never again live as a stray, bossing cars... ever!

Me and Mum. Yep, even handsome when held in her arms!

We left the Boulevard and headed to this place.

I hit the small dog area first, then the big dog area.

Once everyone knew I was in charge here, it was time to leave.

I arrived, I conquered, I left

Naturally, I had to buy myself a souvenir to remember my vacation by.

I selected this awesome piece to add to my wardrobe.

It just makes me look... super handsome

I wear it proudly when on walks and I am reminded daily, of my vacation

This new leash really compliments my attitude!

I may be considered "bad to the bone" but I like to refer to myself as...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of his own Boulevard

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lawn Mower Boss

Entry Log 17

The Boss returns.
Chronicles from my Tennessee Vacation.
Part 2

During my stay at the Pug Plantation I thought it only fair that...
I help out around the farm in order to earn my keep.

I took it upon myself to help cut the grass.

I look as cool as a cucumber on this machine!

Mowing the grass was a snap, once the machine realized who was in charge here!

It's really just a question of showing the machine who is the Boss then...
turning the key and putting it into gear.

I think the red colour of this mower brings out my handsomeness.

It is so easy that I let Mum have a go!

However, for everyone's safety... she wasn't allowed out of first gear.
Quite honestly, she should have worn a helmet!!

After a few circles around the grass I felt I had earned enough of my keep that I was entitled to a well deserved rest, on the veranda swing, with a cool beverage.

The Boss will take a glass of Kool-aid... extra sugar please!

Mowing the grass is hard work, work only to be handled by someone like me...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of the lawn mower

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Boss of Hurricane Mills

Entry Log 16

The Boss Returns.
Chronicles from my Tennessee Vacation.

After a year and a half away... I boarded a plane and headed south, back to my roots.

Back to Tennessee.
Back to visit Jay and Jeremy.

Even when disembarking the aircraft... I am super handsome

Once I had arrived and checked in at the Pug Plantation it was time for some sightseeing.

We ended up at this place.
A Ranch in this town...

I think this photo makes me look very Boss

She is someone famous who bought the whole town and set up camp here.

However, she is just not quite as famous as me.

You can tour around the joint and check out stuff.

We stopped at the house and then checked out...  The Mill

I think I would make a pretty good Boss of that Mill

We stopped at the creek too. I enjoyed the creek immensely. It reminded me of the river back home.

Me with Uncle Jay, at the creek

At this creek one can "camp". 

I have never "camped".  I think, in the near future...   I need to try my Bossing skills at camping.

Perhaps this summer.

I am always on high alert, even when sightseeing

We left the Ranch and the town of Hurricane Mills at dusk, with the moon making it's appearance in the sky.

As we drove away,  I looked out the car window and thought to myself...

Upon reflection... I do think that my reflection is extremely handsome

Damn, I forgot to sign the guest book!!!!

The guest book should have included the signature of...

The Boss of Hurricane Mills
Sam Cooper from Vancouver Canada

Monday, 28 April 2014

It's Official... I am the Boss of Vancouver

Entry Log 15

The other day, I was at the dog park and as I looked out across the water I sat and contemplated.

Even when I contemplate... I am extremely handsome

Ever since I arrived here in Vancouver...
I have always fulfilled my boss duties of this beautiful city.

This is a large, beautiful city that I maintain

Yesterday, we went on an outing to the fishing docks
It is a very touristy place and naturally I was ever so popular with the tourists!

Many took my photo... Like this one here.

Yep, being a Boss does make me popular with the tourists

Upon leaving the docks I happen to spy a tourist shop had made a shirt just for me!

I couldn't believe my eyes!

I am honoured that the tourists not only adore me but also recognize my Boss skills...

Even more handsome in my new shirt!

It is official...

This makes me very proud.

This also makes it official, that I have been declared...

Sam Cooper
Boss of Vancouver, BC Canada!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Boss of Football

Entry Log 14

This is me on the trail at the dog park a few weeks back.

Don't let this picture fool you...
You may think I look so small and vulnerable but I am far from it.

Nope I in my mind I am big and scary. I am in charge.
Now if you were to zoom in...
you can see I am quite the opposite!

In my mind, I am actually more like a football player.
I am big, strong, tough and rough with a loud bark.

Not only big and tough but totally handsome too!

I actually would qualify as quarterback on a football team, I am that tough!

Football is my favourite sport. I even have the football to prove it.

I mean look at me here! Don't I look tough or what?

 Because I am the Boss and I play hard...

after a good game of football a long nap is always in order.

Even when I sleep I look tough!

I always keep my football tucked tight with me at all times!

As a Boss I can't let any one one steal my football!

Guarding my football,  just another Boss skill I have

It is not easy being a quarterback, guarding my football and being the Boss all at one time!

But I manage pretty well, as I am...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of Football