Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Boss of Receiving Gifts

 Entry Log 21

It is now the year of 2015. I will boss this year like I have bossed all previous years.

Happy New Year!

While traveling in the car, the other day, I reflected upon the holiday season.

I was the receiver of a few gifts.

I sure am handsome while I ponder things.

These gifts all contained my logo on them.
For those that need a "refresher" on my official logo Click Here.

Like this fantastic sign Mum bought me to place at my eating station.
It goes so very nicely with my other accessories.

it's totally boss, isn't it!!

Another gift I received was this one...
A new bowl. With my logo. Thank you Shelley!

Look at the skulls, they have bossy mohawks!

This bowl holds more food than my smaller bowl. I like the bigger bowl.

I also received this sweater... from Mum...
when she was shopping during our visit to Tennessee.

This sweater is perfect. I displays my logo and let's everyone know I am The Boss.

it sure screams... handsome boss!

I guess when people look into my eyes, they realize that I am The Boss and that a boss requires gifts from time to time.

My teeth make me look even more handsome than my new sweater does!

Because of this, I have concluded that even when soaking wet...

The rain affects my handsomeness. It makes me less handsome.

I am still,

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of receiving gifts