Monday, 29 July 2013

Bay Watch Boss

Entry log 5

I have a facebook friend that has a huge crush on me.

She swoons over pictures of me, like this one for example

I think I look pretty Boss in this pic!

So the other day I posted this picture to facebook...

She immediately said I could give some dude named, David Hasselhoff a run for his money.

I am told he was in a show where he was in charge of rescuing drowning victims from the bay.

He was a "Bay Watcher"

I think I have to agree with my friend...

I am fully qualified to perform drowning rescue.

I am the boss of this lifeboat!
After all, based on my last entry log...  I am a Lifeguard Boss!

This automatically qualifies me for "Bay Watch" Rescue Boss.

Sam Cooper, "Bay Watch" Rescue Boss says...

Stay safe at the beach this summer,
Wear your life vest!