Monday, 27 January 2014

Cake Boss

Entry Log 13

Here in Burnaby, very close to our house, is a wonderful place.

It is called Big Dog Little Dog Bakery.

They must have had me in mind when they decided on
the first part of the name... Big Dog!

It is not open on Monday.

How do we know, because after Mum spent...

15 minutes loading us into the Pug Taxi,
drove 5 minutes,
15 minutes unloading us,
then walk 2 blocks to the store...

we discovered it closed!

This was on a Monday.

So the following Saturday, we loaded into the pug taxi and went to the bakery, again.

Even while shopping in a bakery... I look handsome
This time it was open.

Upon entering the shop, I knew I had hit the jackpot.
I introduced myself, then proceeded to make my selections.

The Boss requests one of everything please

The duty of selecting the goods should only be allowed by someone like me... a Boss

It is, after all, a tough job.
Not something to be taken lightly.

liver pupcakes, liver brownies and turkey loaf...
all for me!

That night I was rewarded one of my chosen snacks.
Upon tasting it, I was extremely satisfied with my selections that day.

Since my initial visit to the bakery, I now view myself as a professional baker.
I do believe I qualify for my own TV show.

I can now claim to be...

Sam Cooper,
Cake Boss