Tuesday, 17 March 2015

grrrr... Ahoy Matey Boss

Entry Log 22

Guess who it is?

That's right it's me... with my ever so popular logo

I am glad to see no one has forgotten me.

It has been a couple of months since my last entry log.

Even when you can't see my face... I am handsome

I got a new sweater...

As you can see, it is printed with my logo on it.

Muscle Shirts make me look extra Bossy

This style of shirt called a "muscle shirt".

That is correct, I am all muscle.

I also got this the other day...

(the treasure inside sucked... it was just a sticker!)

Wow I am now a boss and a pirate!

Adhesive bandages with my logo on them. And look!

My logo also classifies me as a pirate! Who Knew!

Here is a close up of me sporting my new official pirate bandage.

look how coiffed my fur looks! 

Here I am wearing both.

The bandage against my "muscle shirt" really shows of my strong bossing muscles.

Wearing both makes me doubly handsome


this "pirate hat" does not!

This is where I say... "grrrr ahoy matey... time to boss this stupid hat off!"

This hat also takes away from my handsomeness!

One never knows when my bossing skills may require a pirate fight.

Should I endure a scratch in the scuttle... I am now prepared.

Because I am now officially...

Grrrrr....  Sam Cooper,
Ahoy Matey Pirate Boss