Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Boss of Football

Entry Log 14

This is me on the trail at the dog park a few weeks back.

Don't let this picture fool you...
You may think I look so small and vulnerable but I am far from it.

Nope I in my mind I am big and scary. I am in charge.
Now if you were to zoom in...
you can see I am quite the opposite!

In my mind, I am actually more like a football player.
I am big, strong, tough and rough with a loud bark.

Not only big and tough but totally handsome too!

I actually would qualify as quarterback on a football team, I am that tough!

Football is my favourite sport. I even have the football to prove it.

I mean look at me here! Don't I look tough or what?

 Because I am the Boss and I play hard...

after a good game of football a long nap is always in order.

Even when I sleep I look tough!

I always keep my football tucked tight with me at all times!

As a Boss I can't let any one one steal my football!

Guarding my football,  just another Boss skill I have

It is not easy being a quarterback, guarding my football and being the Boss all at one time!

But I manage pretty well, as I am...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of Football