Who is Sam Cooper

My name is Sam Cooper.

I was found as a stray after being hit by a car in Memphis TN on the Sam Cooper Blvd.

A good samaritan picked me up and took me to a veterinarian.

I sustained minimal injuries.

Midsouth Pug Rescue was contacted.

I was taken into rescue on "stray hold".

No one came to claim me, so I went up for adoption.

I am not 100% pug. I am about 3 years old.

I have SOME Pekinese in me, which is where my fur colour, short legs and long body comes from.

It was originally thought I would be in my foster home, with Jay and Jeremy in Tennesse, for a long time.

Most people contacting a Pug Rescue are not looking for a "pug mix".

Fate had other plans for me...

My forever home found me before I had even gotten to my foster home!

My name Sam Cooper was kept; it is part of my history.

I share my new home with two feline sisters, Tika and Kizzy

Tika and Kizzy
my older pug brother Winston Wilbur.

Winston Wilbur

Welcome to my world!