Monday, 6 October 2014

Official "The Boss" Logo

Entry Log 19

As I lounge here today, I ponder my new official logo.

even by backside is handsome!

Here is a photo of a few of my accessories.
Each piece contains my official logo.

How did I come to have such a cool logo, you may ask.

Well, not long ago Mum decided I needed a special identity tag to wear on my harness.

She came home with this super looking tag!

Wouldn't you agree... my name is even handsome sounding!

Now I realize it is missing a key word here on my tag...  It's missing the words "The Boss"!

That's ok though, because when you flip it over...
this is what it looks like and this is the official "The Boss" logo!
No words required.

yup, the icon says it all! I AM THE BOSS!

My official logo is so popular simply because I am popular.

Don't believe me? Take a look at this!

It even lists "danger" underneath my logo!

"Danger" is my middle name!

Look at this logo on this container! Not only does it say "The Boss" but that I am smoking hot!

Look at that fire icon!

That means I am also... a little Spitfire!

"Spitfire" another name for The Boss

I stand tall when I wear my new identity tag in public.

my word does this photo sure show off my handsomeness!

I have to show the world that,
I am...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of his very own official logo!