Tuesday 17 March 2015

grrrr... Ahoy Matey Boss

Entry Log 22

Guess who it is?

That's right it's me... with my ever so popular logo

I am glad to see no one has forgotten me.

It has been a couple of months since my last entry log.

Even when you can't see my face... I am handsome

I got a new sweater...

As you can see, it is printed with my logo on it.

Muscle Shirts make me look extra Bossy

This style of shirt called a "muscle shirt".

That is correct, I am all muscle.

I also got this the other day...

(the treasure inside sucked... it was just a sticker!)

Wow I am now a boss and a pirate!

Adhesive bandages with my logo on them. And look!

My logo also classifies me as a pirate! Who Knew!

Here is a close up of me sporting my new official pirate bandage.

look how coiffed my fur looks! 

Here I am wearing both.

The bandage against my "muscle shirt" really shows of my strong bossing muscles.

Wearing both makes me doubly handsome


this "pirate hat" does not!

This is where I say... "grrrr ahoy matey... time to boss this stupid hat off!"

This hat also takes away from my handsomeness!

One never knows when my bossing skills may require a pirate fight.

Should I endure a scratch in the scuttle... I am now prepared.

Because I am now officially...

Grrrrr....  Sam Cooper,
Ahoy Matey Pirate Boss

Tuesday 6 January 2015

The Boss of Receiving Gifts

 Entry Log 21

It is now the year of 2015. I will boss this year like I have bossed all previous years.

Happy New Year!

While traveling in the car, the other day, I reflected upon the holiday season.

I was the receiver of a few gifts.

I sure am handsome while I ponder things.

These gifts all contained my logo on them.
For those that need a "refresher" on my official logo Click Here.

Like this fantastic sign Mum bought me to place at my eating station.
It goes so very nicely with my other accessories.

it's totally boss, isn't it!!

Another gift I received was this one...
A new bowl. With my logo. Thank you Shelley!

Look at the skulls, they have bossy mohawks!

This bowl holds more food than my smaller bowl. I like the bigger bowl.

I also received this sweater... from Mum...
when she was shopping during our visit to Tennessee.

This sweater is perfect. I displays my logo and let's everyone know I am The Boss.

it sure screams... handsome boss!

I guess when people look into my eyes, they realize that I am The Boss and that a boss requires gifts from time to time.

My teeth make me look even more handsome than my new sweater does!

Because of this, I have concluded that even when soaking wet...

The rain affects my handsomeness. It makes me less handsome.

I am still,

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of receiving gifts

Tuesday 2 December 2014

Barnyard Boss

Entry Log 20

A few weeks ago I found myself on a plane heading back to The Bed and Breakfast of Pug Plantation.

Upon my immediate arrival...

 I noticed new activity in the barn.

No jet lag keeps me from looking my finest!

New activity that required me to go into immediate Boss mode!

I first noticed a pair of these... one pink and one black

Pigs! Like pugs, only one vowel difference and... a bit bigger.

I am definitely more handsome than this creature!

There are quite a few of these big tall creatures called "Horses" and they were no match for me!

He may be bigger than me but, I am still The Boss!

and yep, I am way more handsome than him too!

These creatures needed to know that I was in town and I was in charge.

Take a peek at this short video.

Look at the skill at which I demonstrated  I was in charge.

Next I take a look at how effective my bossing skills were with the horses. They knew not to mess with me!

I spent 2 weeks down at the Pug Plantation farm, aside from being on high alert and in charge most of the time...

I did enjoy my vacation time away.

The backdrop of this porch makes me look superior and in charge.

Even when on vacation, someone has to keep things in line and under control.

That is why on my last day there I declared...

Oh yah... smell that? The Boss was here!

I arrived, I Bossed, My work here is done!
See yah in 6 months!

You can now refer to me as...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of the Barnyard