Monday, 28 April 2014

It's Official... I am the Boss of Vancouver

Entry Log 15

The other day, I was at the dog park and as I looked out across the water I sat and contemplated.

Even when I contemplate... I am extremely handsome

Ever since I arrived here in Vancouver...
I have always fulfilled my boss duties of this beautiful city.

This is a large, beautiful city that I maintain

Yesterday, we went on an outing to the fishing docks
It is a very touristy place and naturally I was ever so popular with the tourists!

Many took my photo... Like this one here.

Yep, being a Boss does make me popular with the tourists

Upon leaving the docks I happen to spy a tourist shop had made a shirt just for me!

I couldn't believe my eyes!

I am honoured that the tourists not only adore me but also recognize my Boss skills...

Even more handsome in my new shirt!

It is official...

This makes me very proud.

This also makes it official, that I have been declared...

Sam Cooper
Boss of Vancouver, BC Canada!