MidSouth Pug Rescue

MidSouth Pug Rescue is located in Tennessee.

It is the rescue that Sam Cooper was adopted from.

MidSouth is one of the very few rescues that will adopt outside of their region to those who's applications are approved.

We were very fortunate that MidSouth approved Sam Cooper's adoption into his new home all the way up in Vancouver, Canada!

If you are interested in possibly adopting or making a donation to MidSouth Pug Rescue...

MidSouth Pug Rescue

Tell them Sam Coop sent you!


  1. Thanks so much for the link. We at MidSouth Pug Rescue are proud to say that Sam Cooper was our first international adoption! We miss you, Sam Cooper, but there is a boulevard named after you here in Memphis, TN, so we are reminded of you often.

    1. Sam Coop, What a Lovely, Gentle Man!! LOVE HIM <3

  2. I love yr story Sam Cooper.An what a Beautiful pug you are.I'm a big fan of Jay Grant,I think he is working for our lord to help save our Beautiful little pug breed.I hope you will always be happy.