The Sam Cooper Story

What does fate, social media and, the power of a picture all have in common?
The answer is Sam Cooper.

First of all, let's step back into history.

It all started with a blog.
A blog I started for my other pug, Winston.

The blog of Winston Wilbur.

Through this blog I connected with other pug bloggers around the world.
We read each others posts, commented on each others stories and before I knew it friendships developed.

Over time we eventually connected on Facebook.

As our networking grew a Facebook pug group was created.

Over the months a network developed.
Soon it was pug people adding other pug people and more friendships developed.
Then came The Gathering 2012 in Indiana. A gathering of the pug group from Facebook.

September 2012....
I boarded a plane to a city I had never been to. To meet people I had never met in person.


It was there that I met Jay and Jeremy.
The people who brought Sam and I together.

Jay with Sam Cooper
The power of a picture

This is the picture that changed my life.
A picture that Jeremy posted through social media.

Jeremy and Sam Cooper

A rescued stray found dodging cars on the Sam Cooper Blvd in Memphis.
A stray named... Sam Cooper.

Jeremy uploaded this picture onto the Pug Facebook group.
Sam heading home with Jay and Jeremy... for fostering.
I took one look at Sam's eyes and KNEW he was the one!

Social Media

The application went in to Cheryl at Midsouth Pug Rescue.
I was approved.

The question was...
How to get Sam Cooper over 2000 KM to his new home.

Through the help of the pug peeps in the Pug Facebook group, through Winston's blog, and local pug friends, donations were made and enough money was raised to fly me to Tennessee to bring Sam Cooper home to Vancouver, Canada

On December 1, 2012 Sam Cooper was officially adopted by me.

Jeremy, Sam, Me, Jay

WIth the help of many... Sam Cooper now lives on Canada's West Coast, thriving in his new life.

Sam his first day home!
The rest is history and...
these are the chronicles of his new life.


  1. Beautiful story told in a very passionate way.
    This guy has the world by the tail.

  2. I never saw this! A multiple match made in heaven! ((((Lise, Jay, Jeremy & The Boss, Sam)))) From Chloe & Cathy