Friday, 25 October 2013

Boss of the Tim Bits

Entry Log 9

Going to the beach, is a regular activity for us.

I don't always lay in the sand but when I do...
I make sure my belly is soaking wet!

But hanging at the beach builds an appetite so...
we always stop to pick up a snack on our way to the beach.

It is a stop Mum calls "Timmies"

I don't always steam up the window but when I do...
I make sure to leave nose prints behind.

Our snack is known as the "Tim Bit" and people up here are crazy about these "Tim Bits".

I will admit, they are very tasty little doughnut holes.

I don't always eat Tim Bits but when I do...
I make sure Mum gets the variety pack.

When at the beach I guard our Tim Bits closely.

It is my job to make sure that no one steals them!

I don't always guard the dogger but when I do...
I make sure it is when the Tim Bits are in there.

I know the Tim Horton's Corporation would be proud of me.

I like to view myself as...

Sam Cooper
Boss of the Tim Bits

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Definition of Trouble Maker Boss

Entry Log 8

Today, I pose this question...

Is this the face of a "trouble maker"?

I am a Boss not a trouble maker

I really suppose that answer would be based upon the definition of "trouble maker".

According to the Oxford English Dictionary this is their definition:

"a person who habitually causes difficulty of problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority."

Hmmm this does not sound like me at all!

I ask this question because the other day Mum bought me this nice red hoodie for the winter.

Don't I just melt your heart in this hoodie?

It sure is warm and cozy but I question the decal on the back...

oops this must be a misprint!

I am absolutely certain that the Oxford English Dictionary has made a huge misprint with the definition!

In their error they failed to place my picture alongside this description:

"trouble maker; another term for Boss. Someone who is in charge or in control of a group or a situation."

I do feel they need to be advised on their mistake.

And the someone to do it is me...

Sam Cooper,
Trouble Maker Boss