Sunday, 6 July 2014

Boss of the Boulevard

Entry Log 18

The Boss returns.
Chronicles from my Tennessee vacation
Part 3

As I Bossed my way around Tennessee, I managed to find myself back in my original hood.

One afternoon we headed out to Memphis, where...
I finally returned to the scene of the crime.

I can't believe how famous I have become!

It is a very busy Boulevard with many lanes and many fast moving cars.

Yes, I recall that day very well...

I think I look extra handsome on this Boulevard...
after all it is named after me!

 The day I was found bossing cars on this Boulevard.

It's truly amazing how many signs have been printed
with my name on them!

Of course I had to show Mum where I came from originally.
I wanted her to see and be very impressed by the number of cars I was able to tackle and boss around.

Mum actually cried a bit. She told me later, that it's a good thing I wasn't hit and killed. That I will never again live as a stray, bossing cars... ever!

Me and Mum. Yep, even handsome when held in her arms!

We left the Boulevard and headed to this place.

I hit the small dog area first, then the big dog area.

Once everyone knew I was in charge here, it was time to leave.

I arrived, I conquered, I left

Naturally, I had to buy myself a souvenir to remember my vacation by.

I selected this awesome piece to add to my wardrobe.

It just makes me look... super handsome

I wear it proudly when on walks and I am reminded daily, of my vacation

This new leash really compliments my attitude!

I may be considered "bad to the bone" but I like to refer to myself as...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of his own Boulevard