Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Barnyard Boss

Entry Log 20

A few weeks ago I found myself on a plane heading back to The Bed and Breakfast of Pug Plantation.

Upon my immediate arrival...

 I noticed new activity in the barn.

No jet lag keeps me from looking my finest!

New activity that required me to go into immediate Boss mode!

I first noticed a pair of these... one pink and one black

Pigs! Like pugs, only one vowel difference and... a bit bigger.

I am definitely more handsome than this creature!

There are quite a few of these big tall creatures called "Horses" and they were no match for me!

He may be bigger than me but, I am still The Boss!

and yep, I am way more handsome than him too!

These creatures needed to know that I was in town and I was in charge.

Take a peek at this short video.

Look at the skill at which I demonstrated  I was in charge.

Next I take a look at how effective my bossing skills were with the horses. They knew not to mess with me!

I spent 2 weeks down at the Pug Plantation farm, aside from being on high alert and in charge most of the time...

I did enjoy my vacation time away.

The backdrop of this porch makes me look superior and in charge.

Even when on vacation, someone has to keep things in line and under control.

That is why on my last day there I declared...

Oh yah... smell that? The Boss was here!

I arrived, I Bossed, My work here is done!
See yah in 6 months!

You can now refer to me as...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of the Barnyard