Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lawn Mower Boss

Entry Log 17

The Boss returns.
Chronicles from my Tennessee Vacation.
Part 2

During my stay at the Pug Plantation I thought it only fair that...
I help out around the farm in order to earn my keep.

I took it upon myself to help cut the grass.

I look as cool as a cucumber on this machine!

Mowing the grass was a snap, once the machine realized who was in charge here!

It's really just a question of showing the machine who is the Boss then...
turning the key and putting it into gear.

I think the red colour of this mower brings out my handsomeness.

It is so easy that I let Mum have a go!

However, for everyone's safety... she wasn't allowed out of first gear.
Quite honestly, she should have worn a helmet!!

After a few circles around the grass I felt I had earned enough of my keep that I was entitled to a well deserved rest, on the veranda swing, with a cool beverage.

The Boss will take a glass of Kool-aid... extra sugar please!

Mowing the grass is hard work, work only to be handled by someone like me...

Sam Cooper,
The Boss of the lawn mower


  1. Your a pro at it Sam Cooper,,,
    no doubt about that!

  2. You look right at home on the porch swing!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney