Friday, 6 December 2013

Boss of the Wind Chill Factor

Entry Log 12

Winter is upon us here in the North. The man in the box in our living room, told us so.

Yesterday, as he stood in his box in front of a map he announced...

Overnight will be -8º C (18º F).  With the wind chill factor, this makes it -14ºC (7º F)!

I did not fully realize what this meant, until this morning.

This morning's walk was incredibly chilly on my feet!
Thank goodness for my Boss coat!

This cold weather is wreaking havoc on my good looks

The grass was all white and crunchy and the puddles were frozen and I could see my breath in the air!

The only positive to this was...
I was able to check out my good looks in the reflection of the frozen puddle.

Still as handsome as usual!

It may be chilly here but I manage to stay very warm.

One of my many talents of being the Boss is the ability to lounge creatively, while enduring this "wind chill" weather.

Here I demo the "sexy lounge"

my rugged good looks really shine in this pose

This one is my "papoos lounge"

you can tell I am the Boss even when bundled up!

This one is the most effective for this "wind chill factor" weather...
I call this my "burrito lounge"

It is hard to get a glimpse of my handsomeness
while in this lounging style

No matter what the style of lounging I practice,
There is no question of a doubt that I am...

Sam Cooper
The Boss of the Wind Chill Factor!

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Gotcha Day Boss

Entry Log 11

It has been 1 year since I moved to my home here in Canada.

In keeping with my "Gotcha Celebration" I am highlighting some of my most memorable events from this past year of...

being the Boss in my new home.

I am a busy dude so there are lots of photos to share.

Let's start here, with this one...

Mum outside of the St. Louis airport, the day she finally got to meet me in the fur.

Uncle Jay, Jeremy and I drove to St. Louis to pick Mum up

Mum stayed two nights at the 405 (Jay and Jeremy's house) in Tennessee.

While she was there she signed these.

The official documentation that the Boss has been adopted,
by Mum, from Midsouth Pug Rescue.

Thank goodness Mum can write cuz I don't know who would have signed them if she couldn't write.

Finally it was time to come home.
On the way back to the airport we stopped in at a friend's place in St. Louis.

It was at this time that a very popular photo, of me and Uncle Jay, was taken...

This photo was taken by our friend, Gina.

Of all the photos taken of me, Mum says this one is the most powerful and emotionally moving.
This one means the most to her.

 This is me saying good bye.

Me and Uncle Jay

Here is another photo of me in the backyard at Gina's house.

I made sure even then, that everyone knew I was the Boss!

and... even back then, I was extremely handsome

When I arrived home to Canada I was greeted by my new brother, Winston Wilbur

Little did he know that I would become his Boss and protector.

My older brother and me on my first night home

Here I am in my very own dog bed the first day I arrived home!

a little tired from the long journey but still incredibly handsome!

Throughout the year, I have accomplished a lot in being the Boss

Got my own official Boss life vest

I am competition for David Hasselhoff!
Dipped my paws into the Pacific Ocean

This salt water makes me look handsome
Made it onto local TV.

The line up for my autograph starts to the right of the camera man
Attended Seattle Pug Rescue gala and had my tarot cards read

I seem to recall the gypsy telling me I was a "little spit fire"
... another name for Boss
Spent the summer driving around in our convertible

Look out ladies... 

I am sizzling hot while travelling in this car!
This car definitely makes me look not only very Boss but...
very good looking as well!
Spent many afternoons lounging with Mum

Life is good when you are the boss
Somehow I feel more like a "sandwich" here, than the Boss!
As the Boss, I also secured and protected the city of Vancouver

Someone needs to keep watch over this city!
And I shared my bed with Winston

Sharing is one of the duties of being the Boss
And one of the biggest highlights from this year...

My trip to Sacramento to see Uncle Jay and Jeremy

These are just some of the events and activities that I have experienced this past year.

And you know what?

It all started when some good samaritan stopped to pick me up off the Sam Cooper Blvd in Memphis, TN. That action alone, put into play a series of events that changed my life forever.

For those that want read my full story... Sam Cooper, the full story.

So today I should take the day off from being the Boss, to celebrate my day!
But I don't think I will take the day off cuz...

I am Sam Cooper
the Boss of my Gotcha Day!

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Boss of Solitude

Entry Log 10

The other day, while out in the yard, I stopped to contemplate the importance of being the Boss in charge at a dog park.

I sure am handsome even when deep in thought!

I always need to be the Boss in charge, in order to show the other dogs how to behave and not step out of line.

At our usual dog park, I take position high up in order to survey the grounds and keep things in check.

Standing up here not only makes me look handsome but,
also shows I have authority... that I am The Boss

Today we loaded up the car and we headed to a new dog park.

It was raining, cold and damp but I was excited to apply my "Boss in Charge" skills in this new territory.

Wearing my red raincoat makes me stand out and...
 ensures that everyone knows I am the Boss in charge

Upon arrival at the new park I realized there was going to be a huge problem...

I was the only one there!

I may seem small and all alone in this new park but...
I am still extremely handsome

With no one else to be the Boss and take charge over, I felt alone, cold, and unmotivated.

I felt like I was...

Sam Coop
The Boss of Solitude

Friday, 25 October 2013

Boss of the Tim Bits

Entry Log 9

Going to the beach, is a regular activity for us.

I don't always lay in the sand but when I do...
I make sure my belly is soaking wet!

But hanging at the beach builds an appetite so...
we always stop to pick up a snack on our way to the beach.

It is a stop Mum calls "Timmies"

I don't always steam up the window but when I do...
I make sure to leave nose prints behind.

Our snack is known as the "Tim Bit" and people up here are crazy about these "Tim Bits".

I will admit, they are very tasty little doughnut holes.

I don't always eat Tim Bits but when I do...
I make sure Mum gets the variety pack.

When at the beach I guard our Tim Bits closely.

It is my job to make sure that no one steals them!

I don't always guard the dogger but when I do...
I make sure it is when the Tim Bits are in there.

I know the Tim Horton's Corporation would be proud of me.

I like to view myself as...

Sam Cooper
Boss of the Tim Bits

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Definition of Trouble Maker Boss

Entry Log 8

Today, I pose this question...

Is this the face of a "trouble maker"?

I am a Boss not a trouble maker

I really suppose that answer would be based upon the definition of "trouble maker".

According to the Oxford English Dictionary this is their definition:

"a person who habitually causes difficulty of problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority."

Hmmm this does not sound like me at all!

I ask this question because the other day Mum bought me this nice red hoodie for the winter.

Don't I just melt your heart in this hoodie?

It sure is warm and cozy but I question the decal on the back...

oops this must be a misprint!

I am absolutely certain that the Oxford English Dictionary has made a huge misprint with the definition!

In their error they failed to place my picture alongside this description:

"trouble maker; another term for Boss. Someone who is in charge or in control of a group or a situation."

I do feel they need to be advised on their mistake.

And the someone to do it is me...

Sam Cooper,
Trouble Maker Boss

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Boss of Backyard Security

Entry Log 7

Even when I am at home I am always on high alert.

I am always on the lookout for possible trouble or trespassers that may enter our yard.

It is my job.

I am pretty handsome even when on high alert.

In my backyard it is very important to make sure everyone knows that I am on the job!

Here is some fantastic footage of me showing off my "Security" skills.

This all comes with price...

It is very exhausting, and I do need to lounge to recover my energy.

And yes, I am even more handsome when I lounge

Security is a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

That someone is me...

Sam Cooper
The Boss of Backyard Security

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Boss of Sacramento

Entry Log 6

Just over a month ago, Mum announced a long road trip.
And what a road trip it was!

I found myself, again, back on American soil.

Official Co-Pilot reporting for duty

Mum, my Auntie Justine and I drove south across the border and through 3 states to a place called Sacramento!

Mum told me that my foster peeps Uncle Jay and Jeremy were going to be in Sacramento.

I was immediately all over "getting the show on the road" when I heard the news.

Are we there yer?

It was so amazing to see them again. We miss them so much.

Here is a picture of us together.

(We had to borrow this pic from Jeremy on account that Mum took hardly any pics! Mum is not the Boss of photography!)

Uncle Jay, Mum, me and Jeremy

We went to a little ranch and had dinner and met other pugs and their peeps.
You can bet I was the boss of the ranch that night!

The visit was short, and it was sad to say good bye.
Mum really was a wreck at that part, compared to me.
Uncle Jay is pretty much a brother to Mum.

On the drive home I was pretty exhausted that I did not fulfil my Co-Pilot duties.

The boss of Napping!

I did discover that Sacramento knew I was coming to town so,
they had this wonderful souvenir Tshirt made in my honour...

I know you will agree with me when I say that...

I am Sam Cooper,
The Boss of Sacramento

Monday, 29 July 2013

Bay Watch Boss

Entry log 5

I have a facebook friend that has a huge crush on me.

She swoons over pictures of me, like this one for example

I think I look pretty Boss in this pic!

So the other day I posted this picture to facebook...

She immediately said I could give some dude named, David Hasselhoff a run for his money.

I am told he was in a show where he was in charge of rescuing drowning victims from the bay.

He was a "Bay Watcher"

I think I have to agree with my friend...

I am fully qualified to perform drowning rescue.

I am the boss of this lifeboat!
After all, based on my last entry log...  I am a Lifeguard Boss!

This automatically qualifies me for "Bay Watch" Rescue Boss.

Sam Cooper, "Bay Watch" Rescue Boss says...

Stay safe at the beach this summer,
Wear your life vest!