Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Boss of Sacramento

Entry Log 6

Just over a month ago, Mum announced a long road trip.
And what a road trip it was!

I found myself, again, back on American soil.

Official Co-Pilot reporting for duty

Mum, my Auntie Justine and I drove south across the border and through 3 states to a place called Sacramento!

Mum told me that my foster peeps Uncle Jay and Jeremy were going to be in Sacramento.

I was immediately all over "getting the show on the road" when I heard the news.

Are we there yer?

It was so amazing to see them again. We miss them so much.

Here is a picture of us together.

(We had to borrow this pic from Jeremy on account that Mum took hardly any pics! Mum is not the Boss of photography!)

Uncle Jay, Mum, me and Jeremy

We went to a little ranch and had dinner and met other pugs and their peeps.
You can bet I was the boss of the ranch that night!

The visit was short, and it was sad to say good bye.
Mum really was a wreck at that part, compared to me.
Uncle Jay is pretty much a brother to Mum.

On the drive home I was pretty exhausted that I did not fulfil my Co-Pilot duties.

The boss of Napping!

I did discover that Sacramento knew I was coming to town so,
they had this wonderful souvenir Tshirt made in my honour...

I know you will agree with me when I say that...

I am Sam Cooper,
The Boss of Sacramento


  1. Glad to see you had a great road trip, Sam! :)

  2. I am happy you got to do that road trip- you drove down through my state.

  3. We think it is pawsome that you got to see Uncle Jay and Aunt Jeremy again! Hopefully you weren't too sad when you had to leave them, again!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

    PS ... YOU definitely are the BOSS - Mr. Sam Cooper