Friday, 6 December 2013

Boss of the Wind Chill Factor

Entry Log 12

Winter is upon us here in the North. The man in the box in our living room, told us so.

Yesterday, as he stood in his box in front of a map he announced...

Overnight will be -8º C (18º F).  With the wind chill factor, this makes it -14ºC (7º F)!

I did not fully realize what this meant, until this morning.

This morning's walk was incredibly chilly on my feet!
Thank goodness for my Boss coat!

This cold weather is wreaking havoc on my good looks

The grass was all white and crunchy and the puddles were frozen and I could see my breath in the air!

The only positive to this was...
I was able to check out my good looks in the reflection of the frozen puddle.

Still as handsome as usual!

It may be chilly here but I manage to stay very warm.

One of my many talents of being the Boss is the ability to lounge creatively, while enduring this "wind chill" weather.

Here I demo the "sexy lounge"

my rugged good looks really shine in this pose

This one is my "papoos lounge"

you can tell I am the Boss even when bundled up!

This one is the most effective for this "wind chill factor" weather...
I call this my "burrito lounge"

It is hard to get a glimpse of my handsomeness
while in this lounging style

No matter what the style of lounging I practice,
There is no question of a doubt that I am...

Sam Cooper
The Boss of the Wind Chill Factor!


  1. BRRRR ... and we thought it was cold here (18 this morning)!
    Try to stay warm buddy!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  2. Holy pug that is cold. It's definitely good you gave a coat! Stay warm and Merry Christmas!