Monday, 18 November 2013

The Boss of Solitude

Entry Log 10

The other day, while out in the yard, I stopped to contemplate the importance of being the Boss in charge at a dog park.

I sure am handsome even when deep in thought!

I always need to be the Boss in charge, in order to show the other dogs how to behave and not step out of line.

At our usual dog park, I take position high up in order to survey the grounds and keep things in check.

Standing up here not only makes me look handsome but,
also shows I have authority... that I am The Boss

Today we loaded up the car and we headed to a new dog park.

It was raining, cold and damp but I was excited to apply my "Boss in Charge" skills in this new territory.

Wearing my red raincoat makes me stand out and...
 ensures that everyone knows I am the Boss in charge

Upon arrival at the new park I realized there was going to be a huge problem...

I was the only one there!

I may seem small and all alone in this new park but...
I am still extremely handsome

With no one else to be the Boss and take charge over, I felt alone, cold, and unmotivated.

I felt like I was...

Sam Coop
The Boss of Solitude


  1. Sam, where did you get your pug-perfect jacket? You rule!

  2. Sam,
    You make bossing air look good! Smooches to my favorite Vancouver Cooper!