Monday, 3 June 2013

The Boss of Seattle

Entry Log 2

Two days ago Winston and I were loaded into the Pug Taxi and headed out on a long drive.

We were "Seattle Bound".

According the conversation Mum had with US Customs...
I was crossing onto American soil for a "Pug Gala Fundraiser"

Upon arrival Mum claims I was very overwhelmed that I had to ride it out with Winston in his dogger.

She can believe what she wants but what I REALLY was doing was preparing to bark at this dude, to show just who The Boss of this Pug Gala really was!

As pugs were flying around I was given the opportunity to try my paw at agility... Yah, not gonna happen! I am The Boss not an agility pug!

I did have my cards read. The gypsy says I am a little "spitfire"...
that must be another word for "Boss"

 After hours of butt sniffing and barking, I was ready to head North again.

Once back home I napped long and hard

Being The Boss of the Gala sure was tiring

Sam Coop

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